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Business Applications for Life Sciences Companies

We help life science organizations manage their clinical, quality, and regulatory processes so they can focus on improving lives.

More than Document Management

Traditional clinical trial software focuses on managing documents. But at Agatha, we understand there’s much more to clinical trial management, which is why our applications help you manage the entire process.

Designed for Users and Usability

Your business users need a solution that is easy to use and work with. We built our applications with them in mind.

Easy to Adapt to Business Processes

Parameter-based configuration allows easy and incremental adjustments to business processes.

Agatha Remote Monitoring ebook

Considering a Remote Monitoring Application? Read this first. 

In this technology guide, we look at the role of remote monitoring in clinical trials, the activities performed, and the key capabilities you need in a technology solution.

An estimated 85% of all clinical trials will experience delays, with 94% being delayed by over a month. The financial impact can be massive, costing between $600,000 – $8m every day.
B. Hargreaves.

"Clinical trials and their patients: The rising costs and how to stem the loss."

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Remote Monitoring
SOP application
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Regulatory Application

Agatha Applications are...


Agatha applications are ready to use and pre-validated. We eliminate the lengthy and cumbersome on-boarding processes typical of other systems so you save time and reduce costs.


Agatha applications for life sciences are pre-configured, but easy to modify just by changing parameters.  That means the system adapts to its users, not the other way around.


Agatha business apps deliver better value. They save time because they are faster to implement save money because they cost less.  Better results at lower cost means great value.


Easily adjust Agatha applications to your specific requirements without re-validation using parameter configuration.


Our applications are designed around regulatory requirements such as CFR 21 Part 11. We know the regulations ensure compliance.


Agatha offers a highly secure, compliant cloud service that satisfies the needs of our most security-sensitive customers.

Built for the Cloud

Agatha Applications are cloud-based, hosted in Agatha’s highly secure, highly reliant, high performance, compliant, cloud environment.

Ready to use

Eliminate long planning, preparation, and validation processes.

Fully Compliant

Every Agatha App is designed around regulatory requirements.

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Agatha Inc Announces New PRISM User Interface

Agatha Inc Announces New PRISM User Interface

New UI Delivers High Performance and Accelerates Adoption Tokyo, Japan; Lyon, France; Boston, MA, USA.  February 25, 2021. Agatha Inc. announces the official release of its new PRISM User Interface for the Agatha Suite of Clinical Operations and Quality...

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The 10 Defining Attributes of a Fourth-Generation eTMF

The 10 Defining Attributes of a Fourth-Generation eTMF

Electronic trial master file solutions have gone through several evolutions from complex, highly customized, on-premises platforms to custom off-the-shelf solutions, and all the way to the latest evolution - cloud-based, easy-to-use applications. We are now seeing...

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