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Aspirations for Good Health and Life

At Agatha, our mission is to contribute to healthier lives by providing ready-to-use software applications to life science organizations that accelerate and
improve clinical, manufacturing and business processes.

The Founding Insight

Agatha’s founders, Chiemi Kamakura and Gui Gerard, saw first hand that clinical and compliance solutions available in the market are built on excessively complex platforms and took far too long to bring to productive use.  Lead times for implementing these unwieldy and costly systems are often as long as six months.

Clinical trials and compliance processes are the bridge between developing new drugs, devices, and therapies and getting them to the patients who desperately need them. Every day managing trials and compliance activities means another day before a new drug or treatment is available to patients.

They set out to prove that a new class of cloud-first, ready-to-use applications could shorten the time required to get critical new drugs and treatments to patients.


We were searching for ways to overcome the delays and challenges that delay clinical trials and compliance processes. We believed that secure, compliant, pre-validated and cloud-based applications could improve processes, reduce unnecessary work and save time. 

Our work with customers every day is proof that better software has the ability to save time and reduce the effort spent on compliance activities and trial processes.  And that in turn allows our customers to get their life-saving treatments and products into the hands of doctors and their available to the patients who need them sooner.

Chiemi Kamakura

President and CEO, Agatha


Accelerating Clinical Trials

Our customers need to accelerate clinical trial and compliance processes so that they can get treatments approved faster and available to patients sooner.

We deliver the applications they need for managing clinical and quality documents and processes. Our modern, cloud-based applications are ready-to-use, easy-to-configure and adopted readily by users.

The result is time saved in clinical and compliance processes. Because when it comes to clinical trials, there is simply no time to waste.

After years of seeing life sciences companies struggle to implement and adopt overly-complex document management software solutions, we decided to forego the platform model.  Instead, we set out to build a set of modern, ready-to-use applications using the latest software development tools and artificial intelligence technologies.

Guillaume Gerard

Chief Operations Officer

Leadership Team

Chiemi Kamakura

Chiemi Kamakura

Chief Executive Officer

Guillaume Gerard

Guillaume Gerard

Chief Operating Officer

Ken Lownie

Ken Lownie

Head of North American Operations

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