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Agatha Applications (Clinical, Quality, SOP, Remote ISF, and Regulatory) comes in three editions, each building the one before. Start with Standard and work your way up. Or go Extended or Premium to get the enhanced features you need to manage your clinical and quality processes.

Which Agatha Application Edition Works For You?

I can’t say enough about the Agatha team. How supportive they’ve been, how understanding from the beginning to the end. Most vendors or large vendors don’t give you that personal attention I feel we get with Agatha. So even in the future, onboarding new features or new documents that we want to bring in, having that conversation is very easy.

Charles Oviawe

Senior Director of Quality Assurance, BeyondSpring

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? Well, we have the answers. Here are a few things we’ve been asked in the past that you might be wondering about as well. Don’t see your question on the list? Drop us an email and ask away.

Do Agatha applications address regulatory requirements in Asia and EU as well as the US FDA’s 21CFR Part 11?

Yes, absolutely.  Agatha’s applications all include all the capabilities required to fully address regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions, and we have customers around the world.

Can Agatha import existing documents into its applications?

Yes, all Agatha applications include an import capability.  When paired with a spreadsheet index file that lists documents names, types, and metadata, existing content can be transferred into Agatha with complete fidelity

Do Agatha applications work together?

Yes, our applications are “cousins”, each designed for to address a specific ClinOps or Quality process, but which share a common interface and many capabilities.  They can share information and users easily, and most Agatha customers adopt multiple applications.

What does custom forms capability mean in Agatha Extended Edition?

This is the ability to configure Web Forms for specific business processes, and then tie those forms to defined workflows to create an end-to-end process.  You can then use the forms to render formatted documents in Word or PDF.  

How is the cost of Agatha calculated?

Agatha has a simple pricing model:  We use Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large based on the capacity required for each application. For example, in Agatha Clinical, our TMF application, up to 5 studies is a “Small”.  Let us know your needs and we will tell you what size you need.

What happens after a trial ends or I no longer need to manage my content? How do I transfer it out of the Agatha environment?

Agatha’s applications all include an export capability, which allows content to be transferred to a structured ZIP file with all content items rendered as PDFs, and which retains all metadata and folder structures.

If I have Agatha’s Premium Edition, do I still need Word or Excel? 

No, our “In Agatha” editing capabilities allow you to create, edit and collaborate on Office documents directly from within Agatha; There is no need to leave the Agatha environment.

How many users can collaborate in real-time with the collaborative authoring capability in Agatha Premium?

Up to twenty users can be working on a document at the same time and can see each other’s work as edits and comments are added to the document or file.

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