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Agatha SOP

A ready-to-use solution for authoring, approving, managing, and publishing standard SOPs and tracking employee training activities.

Standard Policies Are at the Heart of Every Quality Operation

SOPs and employee training documents are critical to ensure effective operations and compliance with regulatory requirements. Managing both in a single application makes it that much easier. That’s where Agatha SOP can help.

Agatha SOP

Manage SOPs and Employee Records

Agatha SOP is a cloud-based application that enables you to track employee SOP compliance and training activities. It comes with a standard set of templates and processes which you can configure to support your requirements.

The SOP application provides audit records, documented changes, and electronic signatures to ensure every activity is fully documented and ready for inspection.

How Agatha SOP Can Help

Immediate Impact

You get a complete SOP solution that is pre-configured, validated, and ready to put into production immediately.

Closed-Loop Process

Coordinate and track end-to-end SOP creation, review, approval, and training processes with automated workflows and change controls.

Easy Audit Preparation

Simplify audit preparation with complete SOP documents, accurate training records, and specialized views and reports for inspectors.

With the analytics, I can pull up metrics such as training by department for a particular SOP. I can pull up a chart of training for SOP 001 and see who’s trained, who’s not trained by department, and by person. I can take this chart, and put it in PowerPoint and present it to management.

Charles Oviawe,

Senior Director of Quality Assurance, BeyondSpring

What You Get with Agatha SOP

SOP templates


Create and document comprehensive policies from your own tailored
templates. Trigger periodic reviews automatically at pre-set intervals to ensure up-to-date training activities and comprehensive documentation.

Review and Approve SOPs

Manage and monitor processes for creation, review, and approval of SOPs with ready-to-use, easy-to-modify workflows. Maintain prior versions of all SOPs and audit trails, documenting all changes to every SOP.

Review SOP
SOP Quiz

Track Compliance

Track employee SOP compliance and training activities using documents and videos. Require successful completion of quizzes to ensure new processes are understood. 

Track Paper Copies

Ensure that paper copies are managed properly with Controlled Print.

SOP Controlled Print

You Get More With Agatha SOP

Custom Forms and Rendering

Leverage forms to drive processes based on metadata and use metadata to generate renditions.

Basic Preview and Annotations

Preview and annotate PDF, Office documents, and images.

Cross Workspace Reporting

Create views and reports across workspaces and export results to Excel for dashboard reports.

Secure Cloud

Hosted in a highly secure, compliant cloud service that satisfies the needs the most security-sensitive customers.

Advanced Policy and Access Management

Manage policies, associated roles, and access controls easily.

Advanced Integration Toolkit

Use Agatha’s Rest API to allow applications to upload or export items from Agatha (includes documentation & sample code).

Learn how Agatha secures your data.

Get the Edition That Works for You

Clinical eTMF
Remote Monitoring
SOP application
Quality Management Application
Regulatory Application

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