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Agatha SOP

A cloud-based application for creating and managing standard operating procedures and employee training documents to ensure accurate records and complete compliance. 

Agatha’s SOP application provides a ready-to-use solution for authoring, approving, managing, and publishing standard SOPs and tracking employee training activities.

Manage SOPs and Employee Records

Standard policies are at the heart of every quality operation, supporting regulatory requirements, and ensuring effective operations. The creation and management of SOPs is a critical process for every life sciences company.

Agatha SOP is designed for organizations that need to implement a solution immediately while being able to scale quickly to address rapid growth.

Unlike other solutions, Agatha SOP is available as a cloud-based application, ready to use immediately with standard templates and processes. That means there are no delays with an extensive planning and configuration project – you can start managing SOPs the same day you adopt Agatha and then adjust the application to your needs as you go.


Immediate Impact

Start using a complete SOP solution that is pre-configured, validated, and ready to put into production immediately.

Easy Audit Preparation

Simplify audit preparation with complete SOP documents, accurate training records, and specialized views and reports for inspectors.

Increased Effectiveness

Provide training documents and videos, apply quizzes and collect training documents  to ensure effective training.

Closed-Loop Process

Coordinate and track end-to-end SOP creation, review, approval, and training processes with automated workflows and change controls.

Always Up-to-Date

Trigger periodic reviews automatically at pre-set intervals to ensure up-to-date training activities and comprehensive documentation.

Complete Records

Audit records, documented changes, and electronic signatures ensure every activity is fully documented and ready for inspection. 

SOPs are one of the basic building blocks that lead to better data integrity and successful clinical trials. <They> can result in reductions in churn, noncompliance, and questionable data. Consistent implementation of procedures allows clinical staff to better focus on study activities and keep patients safe.

Judy Carmody


Agatha SOP Features


Create and document comprehensive
policies from your own tailored

legal & regulatory

Address the legal and regulatory
rules that apply to your company for
managing SOPs.

Versions & Audits

Maintain prior versions of all SOPs and
audit trails, documenting all changes to
every SOP.

track compiance

Track employee SOP compliance and
training activities. Require successful completion of quizzes to ensure new processes are understood.

Review & Approval

Manage and monitor processes for
creation, review, and approval of SOPs
with ready-to-use, easy-to-modify

Paper Copies

Ensure that paper based copies are managed properly with Controlled Print.

Agatha Applications

Clinical eTMF
Remote Monitoring
SOP application
Quality Management Application
Regulatory Application

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