State of Remote Monitoring & Quality Processes

In this report, we cover the results of our 2020 State of Remote Monitoring and Quality Processes survey and provide insights and guidance into the state of remote monitoring and quality management in clinical trials.

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Remote Monitoring Today

We look at the current use of remote monitoring practices today. 


Obstacles to Remote Monitoring

The top challenges to effectively implementing remote monitoring.


Future Expectations

How remote monitoring will continue in the future and how.


The FDA on Remote Monitoring

How organizations perceive FDA support for remote monitoring.


Remote Monitoring Capabilities

The essential capabilities respondents want for a remote monitoring solution.


Benchmarking Your Organization

Recommendations for how to benchmark your organization on remote monitoring.

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Through benchmarking studies with individual organizations and case studies with those who have made the transition, our goal is to identify and evangelize the proven practices that will illuminate the path forward for organizations as they continue to expand their use of
remote monitoring.


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