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Remote Monitoring & Quality Management

Your concise guide to understanding the technology tools and options available to support remote monitoring for clinical trial Sites. 

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What is Remote Monitoring?

What is remote clinical trial monitoring and quality management, who is involved, and what activities do they perform?


Remote Monitoring Technology

The three types of remote monitoring technologies, file sharing, document management, and purpose-built solutions.


Remote Monitoring Users Stories

What are the “user stories” specific to remote monitoring from the perspectives of a monitor and a clinical trial site administrator?


Technology Requirements

The key system requirements for a remote monitoring solution to support the needs of both sponsors/CROs and trial sites.


Best Practices

Some best practices for successful remote monitoring from early adopters.


Selecting a Remote Monitoring Solution

A recommended approach to selecting a remote monitoring solution: running a pilot, selecting pilot sites, and making a selection.

While the ability to monitor clinical trials has traditionally been performed through in-site visits, there has been much discussion about the idea of remote site monitoring. COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions on travel have brought the remote monitoring discussion to the forefront. 

In this technology guide, we look at the role of remote monitoring in clinical trials, the activities performed and the key capabilities you need in a technology solution.


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